Fort Collins Council Expenses | Last Updated 10 Feb 2020

This dataset provides records from the General Ledger, which includes individual expense records associated with the City of Fort Collins City Council. Each year"s data are appended annually within two months of the year end. To review all City business expenses, please visit

Tags: council, expenses

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
GL_Dategl_datecalendar_dateTransaction date.
Object_Descriptionobject_descriptiontext'Object Code' in the City's accounting system, followed by the description associated with that code.
Subsidiary_Descriptionsubsidiary_descriptiontext'Subsidiary Code' in the City's accounting system, followed by the Councilmember associated with that code.
Explanation_Remarkexplanation_remarktextThe basic description of the transaction.
DescriptiondescriptiontextThe extended description of the transaction, including what's published in OpenBook.
AmountamountnumberThe amount of the transaction.
meta_row_indexmeta_row_indexnumberMetadata field for a suggested sort order. Sort this column in ascending order to order the dataset the way it was intended from the source system.
meta_row_idmeta_row_idtextMetadata field for record hash. This field is a SHA-1 hash of all other fields in the record, used for validation of record uniqueness.