Maryland Port Administration General Cargo | Last Updated 4 Nov 2019

Maryland Port Administration General Cargo Monthly Data for the MPA's public terminals (Souce: Internal MPA data)

Tags: port of baltimore, maryland port administration, general cargo, container, auto, ro/ro, teu, tons, mpa

This dataset has the following 21 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Container Tonstotal_container_tonsnumberContainer tons excluding weights of empty containers and tare of loaded containers.
Auto Tonstotal_automobile_tonsnumberAuto and Light truck tons
Ro/Ro Tons (excl. autos)total_ro_ro_tonsnumberRo/Ro tons excluding automobile tons
Forest Products (Break Bulk)forest_products_break_bulk_numberForest Products shipped via break bulk
Steel & other metals Break Bulk Tonssteel_amp_other_metals_tonsnumberSteel and other metals break bulk tons
other Break Bulk Tonstotal_breakbulk_tonsnumberother break bulk tons not listed under forest products or steel & other metals
Total General Cargo Tonstotal_general_cargo_tonsnumber
Import Loaded TEUsimported_loaded_teusnumber
Export Loaded TEUsexport_loaded_teusnumberExport Loaded TEUs
Total Loaded TEUstotal_loaded_teusnumber
Import Empty TEUsimport_empty_teusnumberImport Empty TEUs
Export Empty TEUsexport_empty_teusnumberExport Empty TEUs
Total Empty TEUstotal_empty_teusnumberTotal Empty TEUs
Total TEUstotal_teusnumberTotal TEUs
Total Containerstotal_containersnumberTotal Containers
Import Auto Unitsimport_auto_unitsnumberImport Auto Units
Export Auto Unitsexport_auto_unitsnumberExport Auto Units
Total Auto UNITStotal_auto_unitsnumberTotal Auto Units
Import Ro/Ro Tonsimport_ro_ro_tonsnumberImport Ro/Ro tons excluding auto tons
Export Ro/Ro Tonsexport_ro_ro_tonsnumberExport Ro/Ro Tons excluding auto tons