Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Energy Usage (MMBTU), Two Year Comparison: Line Chart | Last Updated 24 Jan 2020

To substantially reduce energy costs and consumption by State government, an energy/electricity competition was established in 2011 between the 16 largest energy-using agencies. Each agency's consumption of electricity (kWh) and total energy (MMBTU) from significant facilities is monitored in relation to a baseline year of FY 2008. Significant facilities are those that have been occupied by the State since 2008 and are air-conditioned. An overall goal is set for State agencies to reduce energy/electricity consumption by 15% by 2015 to Lead By Example. To view how the State and each of the 16 agencies are performing, please select between energy and electricity, and select an agency using the options to the right. The Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 runs from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. The Fiscal Year 2014 runs from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.

Tags: dgs, department of general services, energy, electricity, conservation

This dataset has the following 97 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Month (Fiscal Year Begins in July)month_fiscal_year_begins_in_julytext
FY2013 DGS kWhfy2013_dgs_kwhnumber
FY2013 DGS MMBTUfy2013_dgs_mmbtunumber
FY2014 DGS kWhfy2014_dgs_kwhnumber
FY2014 DGS MMBTUfy2014_dgs_mmbtunumber
FY2013 DHMH kWhfy2013_dhmh_kwhnumber
FY2015 DGS kWhfy2015_dgs_kwhnumber
FY2015 DGS MMBTUfy2015_dgs_mmbtunumber
FY2013 DHMH MMBTUfy2013_dhmh_mmbtunumber
FY2014 DHMH kWhfy2014_dhmh_kwhnumber
FY2014 DHMH MMBTUfy2014_dhmh_mmbtunumber
FY2013 DJS kWhfy2013_djs_kwhnumber
FY2013 DJS MMBTUfy2013_djs_mmbtunumber
FY2015 DHMH kWhfy2015_dhmh_kwhnumber
FY2014 DJS kWhfy2014_djs_kwhnumber
FY2014 DJS MMBTUfy2014_djs_mmbtunumber
FY2015 DHMH MMBTUfy2015_dhmh_mmbtunumber
FY2013 DMIL kWhfy2013_dmil_kwhnumber
FY2013 DMIL MMBTUfy2013_dmil_mmbtunumber
FY2014 DMIL kWhfy2014_dmil_kwhnumber
FY2015 DJS MMBTUfy2015_djs_mmbtunumber
FY2014 DMIL MMBTUfy2014_dmil_mmbtunumber
FY2013 DMSP kWhfy2013_dmsp_kwhnumber
FY2015 DJS kWHfy2015_djs_kwhnumber
FY2013 DMSP MMBTUfy2013_dmsp_mmbtunumber
FY2014 DMSP kWhfy2014_dmsp_kwhnumber
FY2014 DMSP MMBTUfy2014_dmsp_mmbtunumber
FY2013 DNR kWhfy2013_dnr_kwhnumber
FY2013 DNR MMBTUfy2013_dnr_mmbtunumber
FY2014 DNR kWhfy2014_dnr_kwhnumber
FY2014 DNR MMBTUfy2014_dnr_mmbtunumber
FY2013 DPSCS kWhfy2013_dpscs_kwhnumber
FY2013 DPSCS MMBTUfy2013_dpscs_mmbtunumber
FY2014 DPSCS kWhfy2014_dpscs_kwhnumber
FY2014 DPSCS MMBTUfy2014_dpscs_mmbtunumber
FY2013 MAA kWhfy2013_maa_kwhnumber
FY2013 MAA MMBTUfy2013_maa_mmbtunumber
FY2014 MAA kWhfy2014_maa_kwhnumber
FY2014 MAA MMBTUfy2014_maa_mmbtunumber
FY2013 MDE kWhfy2013_mde_kwhnumber
FY2013 MDE MMBTUfy2013_mde_mmbtunumber
FY2014 MDE kWhfy2014_mde_kwhnumber
FY2014 MDE MMBTUfy2014_mde_mmbtunumber
FY2013 MdTA kWhfy2013_mdta_kwhnumber
FY2013 MdTA MMBTUfy2013_mdta_mmbtunumber
FY2014 MdTA kWhfy2014_mdta_kwhnumber
FY2014 MdTA MMBTUfy2014_mdta_mmbtunumber
FY2013 MPA kWhfy2013_mpa_kwhnumber
FY2013 MPA MMBTUfy2013_mpa_mmbtunumber
FY2014 MPA kWhfy2014_mpa_kwhnumber
FY2014 MPA MMBTUfy2014_mpa_mmbtunumber
FY2013 MSA kWhfy2013_msa_kwhnumber
FY2013 MSA MMBTUfy2013_msa_mmbtunumber
FY2014 MSA kWhfy2014_msa_kwhnumber
FY2014 MSA MMBTUfy2014_msa_mmbtunumber
FY2013 MSDE kWhfy2013_msde_kwhnumber
FY2013 MSDE MMBTUfy2013_msde_mmbtunumber
FY2014 MSDE kWhfy2014_msde_kwhnumber
FY2014 MSDE MMBTUfy2014_msde_mmbtunumber
FY2013 MTA kWhfy2013_mta_kwhnumber
FY2013 MTA MMBTUfy2013_mta_mmbtunumber
FY2014 MTA kWhfy2014_mta_kwhnumber
FY2014 MTA MMBTUfy2014_mta_mmbtunumber
FY2013 MVA kWhfy2013_mva_kwhnumber
FY2013 MVA MMBTUfy2013_mva_mmbtunumber
FY2014 MVA kWhfy2014_mva_kwhnumber
FY2014 MVA MMBTUfy2014_mva_mmbtunumber
FY2013 SHA kWhfy2013_sha_kwhnumber
FY2013 SHA MMBTUfy2013_sha_mmbtunumber
FY2014 SHA kWhfy2014_sha_kwhnumber
FY2014 SHA MMBTUfy2014_sha_mmbtunumber
FY2015 DMIL kWhfy2015_dmil_kwhnumber
FY2015 DMIL MMBTUfy2015_dmil_mmbtunumber
FY2015 DMSP kWhfy2015_dmsp_kwhnumber
FY2015 DMSP MMBTUfy2015_dmsp_mmbtunumber
FY2015 DNR kWhfy2015_dnr_kwhnumber
FY2015 DNR MMBTUfy2015_dnr_mmbtunumber
FY2015 DPSCS kWhfy2015_dpscs_kwhnumber
FY2015 DPSCS MMBTUfy2015_dpscs_mmbtunumber
FY2015 MAA kWhfy2015_maa_kwhnumber
FY2015 MAA MMBTUfy2015_maa_mmbtunumber
FY2015 MDE kWhfy2015_mde_kwhnumber
FY2015 MDE MMBTUfy2015_mde_mmbtunumber
FY2015 MdTA kWhfy2015_mdta_kwhnumber
FY2015 MdTA MMBTUfy2015_mdta_mmbtunumber
FY2015 MPA kWhfy2015_mpa_kwhnumber
FY2015 MPA MMBTUfy2015_mpa_mmbtunumber
FY2015 MSA kWhfy2015_msa_kwhnumber
FY2015 MSA MMBTUfy2015_msa_mmbtunumber
FY2015 MSDE kWhfy2015_msde_kwhnumber
FY2015 MSDE MMBTUfy2015_msde_mmbtunumber
FY2015 MTA kWhfy2015_mta_kwhnumber
FY2015 MTA MMBTUfy2015_mta_mmbtunumber
FY2015 MVA kWhfy2015_mva_kwhnumber
FY2015 MVA MMBTUfy2015_mva_mmbtunumber
FY2015 SHA kWhfy2015_sha_kwhnumber
FY2015 SHA MMBTUfy2015_sha_mmbtunumber