Bar Graph: Total State Gov Energy Consumption MMBTU | Last Updated 6 Jan 2017

These performance measures are reported by the Department of General Services (DGS) to the Governor's Office of Performance Improvement (GOPI) on an annual basis. Data come from DGS.

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This dataset has the following 20 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yeartext
Number of Energy Performance Contracts Approved by the Board of Public Works_3a_number_of_energy_performance_contracts_approved_by_the_board_of_public_worksnumberDescription: Energy Performance Contracts are implemented to significantly reduce energy consumption in Maryland State Buildings. Energy Performance contracts maximize energy savings for the State.
Energy Performance Contracts - Goalgoal_3anumber
Energy Consumption by All State Government Facilities (#MMBTU)_3b_energy_consumption_by_all_state_government_facilities_mmbtu_1numberDescription: Tracking energy consumption for State Buildings encourages transparency and accountability for States Agencies. It is important for Maryland to identify energy savings opportunities and reduce waste. Footnote: MMBTU - One Million British Thermal Units
Energy Consumption - Goalgoal_3bnumber
Cumulative Number of State LEED Certified Buildings_3c_number_of_state_leed_certified_buildings_2numberLEED-certified buildings are resource efficient by using less water and energy; reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This increases the life-cycle of State buildings and reduces costs. Footnote: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified
Proposed LEED Building Construction Projectsgoal_3cnumberThe number of LEED certified buildings is a cumulative number of projects developed by the​ State. As a requirement of State Finance and Procurement Article 3-602.1, the development of LEED Buildings are ​identified through requirements stated in the previously mentioned statute. Availability of funds​ ultimately determines whether a project will be built during the Fiscal Year.
Percent of New Architectural and Engineering Procurements On-time_4e_percent_of_new_architectural_and_engineering_procurement_on_time_3_4numberDescription: Tracking the timeliness of purchasing services for the design of construction projects in State Facilities.  The faster the design services are purchased, the quicker the projects can be constructed and occupied. Footnotes: Time Period is from advertisement on eMM until contract award. Under current regulations this 'on-time' is defined as 6 months
New A&E Procurements On-time - Goalgoal_4enumber
Percent of New NON-A&E On-time Procurements Utilizing the Competitive Sealed Bid (CSB) Methodology_4fi_percent_of_new_non_a_e_on_time_procurements_utilizing_the_competitive_sealed_bid_csb_methodology_5numberDescription: Tracking the timeliness of the procurement process for goods and services DGS monitors efficiencies in the state procurement process to ensure products and services are delivered on time. Footnote: On-time for Competitive Sealed Bid (CSB) is defined as 90 days
NON-A&E On-time Using CSB - Goalgoal_4finumber
Percent of New NON-A&E On-time Procurements Utilizing the Competetive Sealed Proposal (CSP) Methodology_4fii_percent_of_new_non_a_e_on_time_procurements_utilizing_the_competitive_sealed_proposal_csp_methodology_6numberDescription: Tracking the timeliness of the procurement process for goods and services DGS monitors efficiencies in the state procurement process to ensure products and services are delivered on time. Footnote: On-time for Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP) is defined as 180 days
NON-A&E On-time Using CSP - Goalgoal_4fiinumber
Percent of New Construction, Architectural and Engineering Procurements Under Budget_4g_percent_of_new_construction_architectural_and_engineering_procurement_under_budget_7_8numberDescription: Tracking the spending for design and construction of State Facilities projects. DGS ensures that projects are budgeted & managed appropriately in order to reach the goal of keeping 100% of projects at or under budget. Footnotes: Under Budget is a project that does not exceed authorized funding and does not access the Statewide Construction Contingency Fund. Projects tracked do not include Dept Of Transportation, University System of Maryland or Dept. Public Safety & Correctional Services
Construction, A&E Procurements Under Budget - Goalgoal_4gnumber
Number of Emergency Contracts_4i_number_of_emergency_contracts_9numberDescription: Contracts that are necessary to avoid or mitigate serious damage to public health, safety and welfare. Footnotes: 9 Projects that are declared an emergency by the Secretary of DGS and reported to BPW. Goal is less than 15 contracts
Emergency Contracts - Goalgoal_4inumber
Percent of Total Contracts Awarded as Statewide Green Purchasing Contracts_4j_percent_of_total_contracts_awarded_as_statewide_green_purchasing_contractsnumber
Green Purchasing - Goalgoal_4jnumberDescription: Green Purchasing Contracts ensure that the State is purchasing sustainable and healthy products. This improves the States environmental impact and provides a better quality of life for Marylanders.