Affordability Gap Data | Last Updated 7 Oct 2019

The median cost of living and median income data. Cost of living data by cost category, family size, and household composition (e.g. the number of workers). Income data is the median for households and median for families across all household and family sizes and compositions.

Tags: family, family size, family composition, number of workers, median income, cost of living, budget, location, financial affordability, affordability measures, estimates, economy, community indicators

This dataset has the following 18 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Family sizefamily_sizenumber
Number of adultsnumber_of_adultsnumber
Number of childrennumber_of_childrennumber
Number of workersnumber_of_workerstext
Age of adultsage_of_adultstext
Median family incomemedian_family_incomenumber
Cost of livingcost_of_livingnumber
Hourly wage per workerhourly_wage_per_workernumber
Monthly child care costmonthly_child_care_costnumber
Monthly food costmonthly_food_costnumber
Monthly health care costmonthly_health_care_costnumber
Monthly housing costmonthly_housing_costnumber
Monthly transportation costmonthly_transportation_costnumber
Monthly other costmonthly_other_costnumber
Monthly taxesmonthly_taxesnumber