E-rate Request for Discount on Services: FRN Status (FCC Form 471 and Related Information)

opendata.usac.org | Last Updated 24 Jul 2020

This dataset contains information about the Funding Request Number (FRN) listed within each FCC Form 471 and related information from the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC).

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This dataset has the following 77 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Application Numberapplication_numbertextUnique application number is generated at the time an applicant begins to file FCC Form 471. Applicants can request funding for multiple services under the same application number.
Funding yearfunding_yeartextFunding year for the application.
Billed Entity StatestatetextApplicant's state.
Form Versionform_versiontextIndicates whether the form version of the application is "current" or "original." It can be used to aggregate the data between current and original applications. "Current" is the view of the form processed by USAC. "Original" is the view of the form originally submitted by the applicant upon certification.
Window Statusis_certified_in_windowtextIndicates whether the application has been certified in the window.
Billed Entity NumberbentextUnique number assigned to the billed entity/ applicant.
Applicant's Organization Nameorganization_nametextApplicant organization name.
Contact Emailcnct_emailtextEmail Address of the main contact provided by the applicant on the FCC Form 471.
Funding Request Numberfunding_request_numbertextUnique funding request number associated with the FCC Form 471.
Funding Request Statusform_471_frn_status_nametextStatus of the funding request. It includes pending, funded, denied or cancelled.
FRN NicknamenicknametextNickname given to an FRN by an applicant when filling their FCC Form 471.
Service Typeform_471_service_type_nametextFRN service type including voice, data transmission and/or Internet access, basic maintenance of internal connections, internal connections, or managed internal broadband services.
Contract Numbercontract_numbertextContract number for the FRN. It can used to filter records related to a specific contract number.
Type of Contractcontract_type_nametextContract type for the FRN including Month-to-Month, Contract or Tariff.
Number of Bids Receivedbid_countnumberNumber of bids received by the applicant from service providers in the competitive bidding process.
Award based on State Master Contractis_based_on_state_master_contracttextIndicates whether the contract for the FRN is based on a state master contract.
Based on Multiple Award Schedule?is_multiple_awardtextIndicates whether a Funding Request is tied to a contract with a multiple award schedule.
FCC Form 470 Applicationestablishing_form_470textFCC Form 470 application number for the FRN submitted in EPC (FY2016 and later).
Old FCC Form 470 Numberold_470_numbertextFCC Form 470 application number for the FRN submitted in the legacy system (FY2015 and earlier).
Was FCC Form 470 Posted?was_fcc_form_470_postedtextIndicates whether an FCC Form 470 was posted for the services/products associated with the FRN.
Contract Award Dateaward_datecalendar_dateThe date the contract was awarded by the applicant to service provider.
Extended Contract Expiration Dateextended_expiration_datecalendar_dateContract expiration date for contracts that can be extended.
Service Delivery Deadlineservice_delivery_deadlinecalendar_dateServices must be installed or product must be delivered on or before this date.
Billing Account Numberaccount_numbertextBilling account number for the billed entity.
Service Provider Namespin_nametextService provider name for the FRN.
Service Provider Numberepc_organization_idtextA unique nine-digit number assigned to identify the service provider.
Voluntary Contract Extensionhas_voluntary_extensiontextIndicates whether the contact has voluntary extensions that can be exercised by the applicant for the FRN.
Remaining Contract Extensionremaining_extension_countnumberRemaining number of contract extensions for the FRN.
Total Remaining Contract Lengthtotal_remaining_months_countnumberNumber of months left on the contract for the FRN.
Pricing Confidentialitypricing_confidentialitytextIndicates whether the FRN pricing must be kept confidential and not disclosed to the public.
Pricing Confidentiality Restriction Typeepc_contract_restriction_type_nametextType of restriction that enable applicants to make pricing information confidential such as State Law or Statute, Local Rule, Court Order, Contract Executed with Restrictive Terms.
Pricing Publication Restriction Citationrestriction_citationtextReference to a local law or contract to support pricing confidentiality requests.
Previous unique FRNold_funding_request_numbertextFunding Request Number from a previous fund year that is related to the FRN.
FCC Form 471 Service Start Dateservice_start_datecalendar_dateEstimated start date of services on 471 application. Service start date will impact commitment amount as it will adjust the month of services.
Contract Expiration Datecontract_expiration_datecalendar_dateContract expiration date for the FRN. If the FRN is for a tariff or month-to-month service this field displays the service end date. This field can be used to filter the 471 applications that have active contracts.
Funding Request NarrativenarrativetextNarrative for the FRN describing the products and services.
FRN Total Monthly Recurring Coststotal_monthly_recurring_costnumberTotal pre-discount monthly recurring charges of a funding request. This field can be aggregated at an FRN level to generate metrics across service type, status or entities. This field should not be used to generate metrics at FRN line item level.
FRN Total Monthly Recurring Ineligible Coststotal_monthly_recurring_ineligible_costsnumberTotal pre-discount ineligible monthly recurring charges of a funding request. This field can be aggregated at an FRN level to generate metrics across service type or entities. This field should not be used to generate metrics at FRN line Item level.
FRN Total Monthly Recurring Eligible Coststotal_monthly_recurring_eligible_costsnumberTotal pre-discount eligible monthly recurring charges of a funding request. This field can be aggregated at an FRN level to generate metrics across service type or entities. This field should not be used to generate metrics at FRN line Item level.
Months of Servicemonths_of_servicenumberNumber of months a service is provided during a funding year for an FRN based on the service start date and end date.
FRN Total Pre-Discount Eligible Recurring Costtotal_pre_discount_eligible_recurring_costsnumberTotal pre-discounted eligible recurring charges of a funding request. It is derived by multiplying the month of service and the pre-discounted monthly recurring charges.
FRN Total One-Time Coststotal_one_time_costsnumberTotal one-time/non-recurring charge of a funding request. This field can be aggregated at an FRN level to generate metrics across service type or entities. This field should not be used to generate metrics at FRN line Item level.
FRN Total Ineligible One-Time Costtotal_ineligible_one_time_costsnumberTotal ineligible one-time costs for the FRN level.
FRN Total Pre-Discount Eligible One-Time Coststotal_pre_discount_eligible_one_time_costsnumberTotal pre-discount eligible non-recurring/one-time charges of a funding request.
FRN Total Pre-Discount Coststotal_pre_discount_costsnumberTotal pre-discount charges of a funding request. This field can be aggregated at an FRN level to generate metrics across service type or entities. This field should not be used to generate metrics at FRN line Item level.
Discount Percentagedis_pctnumberDiscount rate applied to service or equipment for the FRN.
Funding Commitment Requestfunding_commitment_requestnumberThe total amount for the Funding Request (FRN) after discount.
Fiber Typeform_471_frn_fiber_type_nametextFiber type for fiber FRNs including Lit Fiber, Dark Fiber, or Self Provisioned Fiber.
Fiber Sub Typeform_471_frn_fiber_sub_type_nametextFiber subtypes for fiber FRNs. Options include maintenance and operation, network equipment, network equipment and maintenance, or special construction.
Equipment Leasedis_leasetextIndicates whether FRN is for leased dark fiber or IRU (Indefensible Right of Use).
Total Project Plant Route Feettotal_proj_plant_route_feetnumberTotal distance between a demark point at an applicant’s location and a service provider’s switching facility or point of presence measured in feet.
Fiber Average Cost per Footavg_cost_per_ft_of_plantnumberAverage cost of cabling, infrastructure, and associated hardware divided by the total project plant route feet.
Total Strands Quantitytotal_strands_qtynumberNumber of actual glass optical fibers inside the cable sheath.
Number of Eligible Fiber Strandseligible_strands_qtynumberNumber of eligible fiber strands.
Special Construction State/Tribal Match Amountstate_tribe_match_amtnumberProgram provides 1 to 1 dollar match amount in extra Category One fiber special construction funding up to an additional ten percent discount.
Source of Matching fundsource_of_matching_funds_desctextFunding source when the applicant is seeking a state match for fiber FRNs. The E-rate program will provide additional Category One funding (up to 10%) to match state funding for special construction to connect schools and libraries to high-speed broadband services that meet the FCC's long-term capacity broadband goals.
Fiber Installation Costtotal_financed_amtnumberAmount financed for fiber FRNs.
Period of Fiber installation financingnumber_of_termsnumberNumber of months for financing related to fiber FRNs.
Annual Fiber Interest Rateannual_interest_ratenumberAnnual Interest Rate Associated with a Fiber Application.
Balloon Paymentballoon_payment_desctextBalance due payment made at the end of the financing period for fiber installation.
Special Construction State/Tribal Match Percentagesc_ratenumberPercentage of discount that is matched by USAC for fiber FRNs under the state matching provision.
Pending Reasonpending_reasontextIndicates the review status of the Funding request. Pending Reason is limited to Current (Committed) forms.
Organization Entity Typeorganization_entity_type_nametextApplicant's organization type.
Service Start Dateactual_start_datecalendar_dateService start date from the FCC Form 471 Application.
FCC Form 486 Application Numberform_486_notextUnique # assigned to the FCC Form 486
FCC Form 486 Statusf486_case_statustextForm status for the FCC Form 486 including:- Approved: FCC Form 486 and FRN is approved so invoicing may begin- Partially Approved: FCC Form 486 and FRN is partially approved so invoicing may begin for those FRNs approved.
Invoicing Ready?invoicing_readytextInvoicing may begin for the FRN as there is an approved FCC Form 486.
Last Date to Invoicelast_date_to_invoicecalendar_dateLast date an Invoice (BEAR or SPI) can be received or postmarked
Wave Sequence Numberwave_sequence_numbernumberA number that indicates which wave sequence the funding commitment was issued in.
Wave Datefcdl_letter_datecalendar_dateThe date of the wave that a funding commitment was issued in.
Date User Generated FCDLuser_generated_fcdl_datecalendar_dateDate a user associated with the BEN clicked on the file in the Newsfeed in EPC to generate the FCDL
FCDL Comment for FCC Form 471 Applicationfcdl_comment_apptextExplanation of FCDL decision at the form level. MR: management reason; CR: cancelled reason; DR: denial reason.
FCDL Comment for FRNfcdl_comment_frntextExplanation of FCDL decision at the FRN level. MR: management reason; CR: cancelled reason; DR: denial reason.
Appeal Wave Numberappeal_wave_numbertextA number that indicates which appeal wave the revised funding decision was issued in.
Revised FCDL Daterevised_fcdl_datecalendar_dateDate the applicant FCDL was revised
Invoicing Modeinvoicing_modetextType of invoice to be processed for FRN (SPI: Service Provider Invoice – FCC Form 474, BEAR: Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement Form – FCC Form 472, or NOT SET (when no form has been received yet for the FY and therefore no invoicing mode has been set).
Total Disbursement Amounttotal_authorized_disbursementnumberTotal amount disbursed to a service provider or applicant.