E-rate Request for Discount on Services: Recipients Of Service (FCC Form 471 and Related Information)

opendata.usac.org | Last Updated 21 Sep 2018

This dataset contains information about the entities who receive the service and associated cost allocations included within each FCC Form 471, and related information from the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC).

Tags: schools, libraries, schools & libraries, schools and libraries, sld, e-rate, erate, e rate, form 471, 471, basic information, applicant information, applicant, applicant contact information, usac, broadband, usf, universal service fund, recipients of service, service recipients, associated cost allocations, cost allocations, entities

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Application Numberapplication_numbertextUnique application number generated at the time applicants begin to file the FCC Form 471. Applicants can request funding for multiple services under the same application number.
Funding yearfunding_yeartextFunding year for the FCC Form 471.
Billed Entity Stateorg_statetextState of the applicant.
Form Versionform_versiontextField indicates whether the form version of the application is "current" or "original."
Window Statusis_certified_in_windowtextIndicates whether the application has been certified during the FCC Form 471 application filing window.
Billed Entity Numberben_notextUnique billed entity number associated with the entity name on the FCC Form 471.
Billed Entity Nameben_nametextName of the billed entity.
Contact Emailcnct_emailtextEmail address of the main contact listed in the FCC Form 471 application.
Funding Request Numberfunding_request_numbertextUnique funding request number (FRN) associated with the FCC Form 471.
FRN Line Item Numberform_471_line_item_numbertextFunding request line item number.
Entity number of RecipientbentextEntity number for the recipient of service.
Recipient's Organization Nameorganization_nametextRecipient's organization name.
Cost Allocationoriginal_allocationnumberCost allocation for the recipient of service for Category Two products and services.
Number of Linesqty_allocationnumberNumber of lines allocated to a recipient of service for Category One services.