High Cost Disbursements

opendata.usac.org | Last Updated 13 Feb 2020

This dataset provides information about total dollars disbursed to Eligible Telecommunication Carriers (ETCs) within the High Cost Program by month and year since January 2003.

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This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
FCC Form 498 IDform_498_idtextFCC Form 498 ID (also called a Service Provider Identification Number or SPIN) is a unique nine-digit number assigned to a service provider by USAC when the service provider files an FCC Form 498.
Study Area Codestudy_area_codetextUnique number assigned to each ETC based on its service area. A carrier with multiple service areas within a single state will have multiple SAC.
Study Area Namestudy_area_nametextStandard name used to identify a study area. Typically, the study area name is the same as the carrier name.
StatestatetextState abbreviation for carrier receiving High Cost support.
YearyearnumberYear of disbursement to carrier.
MonthmonthtextMonth of disbursement to carrier.
Fund Typefund_typetextIndividual High Cost fund in which the carrier participates. See High Cost Funds Glossary for details.
Amount Disbursedamount_disbursednumberAmount of funding disbursed to carriers. The “amount disbursed” may occasionally show a negative number. This is a result of prior period adjustments, audit recoveries, or other factors.