US Dept of Labor, Wage and Hour Violations Company List Utah 1998-2013 | Last Updated 18 Apr 2019

US Dept of Labor, Wage and Hour Violations Company LIst Utah 2013

Tags: wage and hour violations

This dataset has the following 107 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Case IDcase_idnumber
Trade Nametrade_nametext
Legal Namelegal_nametext
Zip Codezip_codenumber
NAICS Descriptionnaics_descriptiontext
Total Case Violationstotal_case_violationsnumber
Civil Monetary Penaltycivil_monetary_penaltynumber
EEs Employed in Violationees_employed_in_violationnumber
BW ATPbw_atpnumber
EE ATPee_atpnumber
Findings Start Datefindings_start_datecalendar_date
Findings End Datefindings_end_datecalendar_date
FLSA Violationsflsa_violationsnumber
FLSA Repeat Violatorflsa_repeat_violatortext
FLSA BW ATPflsa_bw_atpnumber
FLSA EEs ATPflsa_ees_atpnumber
FLSA MW BW ATPflsa_mw_bw_atpnumber
FLSA OT BW ATPflsa_ot_bw_atpnumber
FLSA - 15 (a)(3) BW ATPflsa_15_a_3_bw_atpnumber
FLSA CMP Assessedflsa_cmp_assessednumber
SCA Violationssca_violationsnumber
SCA BW ATPsca_bw_atpnumber
SCA EE ATPsca_ee_atpnumber
MSPA Violationsmspa_violationsnumber
MSPA BW ATPmspa_bw_atpnumber
MSPA EE ATPmspa_ee_atpnumber
MSPA CMP Assessedmspa_cmp_assessednumber
H1B Violationsh1b_violationsnumber
H1B BW ATPh1b_bw_atpnumber
H1B EE ATPh1b_ee_atpnumber
H1B CMP Assessedh1b_cmp_assessednumber
FMLA Violationsfmla_violationsnumber
FMLA BW ATPfmla_bw_atpnumber
FMLA EEs ATPfmla_ees_atpnumber
FMLA CMP Assessedfmla_cmp_assessednumber
FLSA – CL Violationsflsa_cl_violationsnumber
FLSA – CL Minorsflsa_cl_minorsnumber
FLSA - CL CMP Assessedflsa_cl_cmp_assessednumber
DBRA Violationsdbra_violationsnumber
DBRA BW ATPdbra_bw_atpnumber
DBRA EE ATPdbra_ee_atpnumber
H2A Violationsh2a_violationsnumber
H2A BW ATPh2a_bw_atpnumber
H2A EE ATPh2a_ee_atpnumber
H2A CMP Assessedh2a_cmp_assessednumber
FLSA - SMW14 Violationsflsa_smw14_violationsnumber
FLSA - SMW14 BW ATPflsa_smw14_bw_atpnumber
FLSA - SMW14 EEs ATPflsa_smw14_ees_atpnumber
CWHSSA Violationscwhssa_violationsnumber
CWHSSA BW ATPcwhssa_bw_atpnumber
CWHSSA EE ATPcwhssa_ee_atpnumber
OSHA Violationsosha_violationsnumber
OSHA BW ATPosha_bw_atpnumber
OSHA EEs ATPosha_ees_atpnumber
OSHA CMP Assessedosha_cmp_assessednumber
EPPA Violationseppa_violationsnumber
EPPA BW ATPeppa_bw_atpnumber
EPPA EE ATPeppa_ee_atpnumber
EPPA CMP Assessedeppa_cmp_assessednumber
H1A Violationsh1a_violationsnumber
H1A BW ATPh1a_bw_atpnumber
H1A EE ATPh1a_ee_atpnumber
H1A CMP Assessedh1a_cmp_assessednumber
CREW Violationscrew_violationsnumber
CREW BW ATPcrew_bw_atpnumber
CREW EE ATPcrew_ee_atpnumber
CREW CMP Assessedcrew_cmp_assessednumber
CCPA Violationsccpa_violationsnumber
CCPA BW ATPccpa_bw_atpnumber
CCPA EE ATPccpa_ee_atpnumber
FLSA – SMWPW Violationsflsa_smwpw_violationsnumber
FLSA – SMWPW BW ATPflsa_smwpw_bw_atpnumber
FLSA – SMWPW EE ATPflsa_smwpw_ee_atpnumber
FLSA - HMWKR Violationsflsa_hmwkr_violationsnumber
FLSA - HMWKR BW ATPflsa_hmwkr_bw_atpnumber
FLSA - HMWKR EE ATPflsa_hmwkr_ee_atpnumber
FLSA - HMWKR CMP Assessedflsa_hmwkr_cmp_assessednumber
CA Violationsca_violationsnumber
CA BW ATPca_bw_atpnumber
CA EEs ATPca_ees_atpnumber
PCA Violationspca_violationsnumber
PCA BW ATPpca_bw_atpnumber
PCA EEs ATPpca_ees_atpnumber
FLSA - SMWAP Violationsflsa_smwap_violationsnumber
FLSA - SMWAP BW ATPflsa_smwap_bw_atpnumber
FLSA - SMWAP EE ATPflsa_smwap_ee_atpnumber
FLSA – SMWFT Violationsflsa_smwft_violationsnumber
FLSA - SMWFT BW ATPflsa_smwft_bw_atpnumber
FLSA - SMWFT EE ATPflsa_smwft_ee_atpnumber
FLSA – SMWL Violationsflsa_smwl_violationsnumber
FLSA - SMWL BW ATPflsa_smwl_bw_atpnumber
FLSA - SMWL EE ATPflsa_smwl_ee_atpnumber
FLSA - SMWMG Violationsflsa_smwmg_violationsnumber
FLSA - SMWMG BW ATPflsa_smwmg_bw_atpnumber
FLSA - SMWMG EE ATPflsa_smwmg_ee_atpnumber
FLSA - SMWSL Violationsflsa_smwsl_violationsnumber
FLSA - SMWSL BW ATPflsa_smwsl_bw_atpnumber
FLSA - SMWSL EE ATPflsa_smwsl_ee_atpnumber
EEV Violationseev_violationsnumber
H2B Violationsh2b_violationsnumber
H2B BW ATPh2b_bw_atpnumber
H2B EE ATPh2b_ee_atpnumber
SRAW Violationssraw_violationsnumber
SRAW BW ATPsraw_bw_atpnumber
SRAW EE ATPsraw_ee_atpnumber
Location 1location_1location