Industries by Volume of Jobs 2019 | Last Updated 19 Mar 2020

Industries by Volume of Jobs, divided by 2-digit NAICS code. Comparison of 2014 to 2019 in volume and percentage. Includes 2019 number of establishments divided by industry. Report generated in Emsi Analyst. Includes QCEW employees, non-QCEW employees, and self-employed. Uses state data from Iowa Workforce Development. From Emsi: Emsi industry data have various sources depending on the class of worker. (1) For QCEW Employees, Emsi primarily uses the QCEW (Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages), with supplemental estimates from County Business Patterns. (2) Non-QCEW employees data are based on a number of sources including QCEW, Current Employment Statistics, County Business Patterns, BEA State and Local Personal Income reports, the National Industry-Occupation Employment Matrix (NIOEM), the American Community Survey, and Railroad Retirement Board statistics. (3) Self-Employed and Extended Proprietor classes of worker data are primarily based on the American Community Survey, Nonemployer Statistics, and BEA State and Local Personal Income Reports. Projections for QCEW and Non-QCEW Employees are informed by NIOEM and long-term industry projections published by individual states.

Tags: industry, jobs, establishments, naics, change in jobs

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
2014 - 2019 Change_2014_2019_changenumber
2014 - 2019 % Change_2014_2019_change_1number
2014 Jobs_2014_jobsnumber
2019 Jobs_2019_jobsnumber
2019 Payrolled Business Locations_2019_payrolled_businessnumber