NOAA - Number of habitat acres restored (annual) | Last Updated 14 Nov 2019

Discontinued after FY 2018. NOAA restores habitat areas lost or degraded as a result of development and other human activities, as well as specific pollution incidents and sources. Activities are geared toward NOAA trust resources found across the marine environment and are supportive of anadromous species (i.e., species that migrate from the sea to freshwater to spawn). The intent of this measure is to summarize or project the geographic area over which ecosystem function has been or will be improved as the direct result of habitat restoration efforts. Acres reported for this measure are restored under two programs, the NMFS Habitat Program Restoration Center (RC) and the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (PCSRF). Examples of projects that contribute to this measure include hydrologic reconnection of wetlands, shellfish and coral reef restoration, and dam removal and fish passage. This measure does not include restoration conducted through the Species Recovery Grants.

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