NOAA - Customer Satisfaction Index | Last Updated 15 Jan 2020

Weather information users are surveyed continuously by means of a web-based, pop-up survey on NWS web pages throughout the Nation. A sample size of approximately 6,000 responses is collected quarterly for a maximum of 24,000 annual responses. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score is calculated as a weighted average of three survey questions that measure different facets of satisfaction with NWS services. American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) researchers use proprietary software technology to estimate the weighting. The three questions include the overall satisfaction of NWS services, expectations of service, and a comparison to an ideal organization. Indexes are reported on a 0 to 100 scale. The CSI was started in the United States in 1994 by researchers at the University of Michigan, in conjunction with the American Society for Quality in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and CFI Group in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Index was developed to provide information on satisfaction with the quality of products and services available to consumers. The survey data serve as inputs to an econometric model that benchmarks customer satisfaction with more than 300 companies in 43 industries and 10 economic sectors, as well as various services of federal and local government agencies.

This dataset has the following 5 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Performance Indicatorperformance_indicatortext
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearcalendar_date