Eco Devo Stats | Last Updated 14 Dec 2018

A variety of economic indicators, financial indicators and measurements for the overall health of the economy in Franklin.

Tags: economic, development, taxes, tourism, conference center

This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Date & Timedate_timecalendar_date
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearnumber
Cost of Living Indexcost_of_living_indexnumberSource: C2ER Annual Averages, Nashville-Franklin Region, U.S. Census Bureau.
Best Cities for Start-up Businesses in USAbest_cities_for_start_up_businesses_in_usanumberFrom Business Week:
Tourists Visits to Franklin Sitestourists_visits_to_franklin_sitesnumberTotal Tourist Visits to Franklin & Williamson County as provided by Williamson CVB. Tracking only began in 2012.
Revenue Generated by Hotel/Motel Taxrevenue_generated_by_hotel_motel_taxnumber
Franklin Collections (in $ millions)franklin_collections_in_millionsnumber
Franklin Collection Increasefranklin_collection_increasenumber
State Collections (in $ billions)state_collections_in_billionsnumber
State Collection Increasestate_collection_increasenumber
Revenue generated from conference centerrevenue_generated_from_conference_centernumberGoal: Franklin will increase revenue over expenditures from conventions, meetings, and trade shows at the Conference Center. Figure: Changes in Net Operating Income from Audited Financials (Source: Conference Center Audits)
Jobs in Franklinjobs_in_franklinnumberSource: Tennessee Labor Market Report, June.
Franklin Unemp. Ratefranklin_unemp_ratenumberSource: - (July of each year for June data)
Will. Co. Unemp. Ratewill_co_unemp_ratenumberSource:
Tenn. Unemp. Ratetenn_unemp_ratenumberSource:
New Business Licensesnew_business_licensesnumberSource: City of Franklin, Tn Revenue Management Office
Total Business Licensetotal_business_licensenumberSource: City of Franklin, Tn Revenue Management Office
# of businesses with over 100 emp.of_businesses_with_over_100_empnumberSource:
# of Small businesses in Franklin (under 100)of_small_businesses_in_franklin_under_100numberSource:
# of people employed by Fortune 1000 companies in Franklinof_people_employed_by_fortune_1000_companies_in_franklinnumber
Franklin Comm. Vac. Ratefranklin_comm_vac_ratenumberSource: Cushman & Wakefield Marketbeat Reports (from Williamson Chamber) -
Nashville Comm. Vac. Ratenashville_comm_vac_ratenumberSource: