166- FY 2019 Proposed, Performance Metrics, Obj 2.1

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Department of Public Works and Transportation Performance Metrics Objective 2.1- Number of litter complaints, FY 2019 Proposed Budget

Tags: litter, complaint, debris, control, clean, service, request

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
FY Textfy_texttext
Objective 2.1objective_2_1number
Litter control expenditureslitter_control_expendituresnumber
Number of inspectorsnumber_of_inspectorsnumber
Number of service requestsnumber_of_service_requestsnumber
Number of lane miles cleanednumber_of_lane_miles_cleanednumber
Number of litter cycles completednumber_of_litter_cycles_completednumber
Tons of litter and debris collectedtons_of_litter_and_debris_collectednumber
Average cost per ton of litter and debris collectedaverage_cost_per_ton_of_litter_and_debris_collectednumber
Percent of litter removal service calls completedpercent_of_litter_removal_service_calls_completednumber
Number of litter complaintsnumber_of_litter_complaintsnumber