HSD Contracts 2016

performance.seattle.gov | Last Updated 9 Mar 2018

The Human Services Department (HSD) contracts with a wide-range of organizations to prepare youth for success, support affordability and livability, address homelessness, promote public health, respond to gender-based violence, promote healthy aging, as well as support administrative services. Where possible, the dataset lists the “Service Site” where services are delivered. However, human service work is frequently delivered throughout the community and not limited to a single location. This dataset covers any HSD contracts with budgeted dollars in 2016. The “Total Budget” reflects dollar amounts as of 8/16/17.

Tags: human services, services, contracts, funding, 2016

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
SIP Codesip_codetextStrategic Investment Plan (SIP); code used to group HSD projects.
Contract Nocontract_notext
Line of Businessline_of_businesstext
Contract Period Startcontract_period_startcalendar_date
Contract Period Endcontract_period_endcalendar_date
Total Budgettotal_budgetnumber
Service Siteservice_sitetext
Service Site Descriptionservice_site_descriptiontext