Water Reclamation Facilities Preventive vs. Corrective Work Order Tasks

stat.stpete.org | Last Updated 2 Oct 2019

The following data displays all of the preventive and corrective work orders at the Water Resource Department. The provided data is from 10/01/2018 to Current Date and is updated on a daily basis. The date column is based on the actual finished date of each of the work order task and its only showing finished work order tasks. The divisions are classified based on the crews assigned to respective division as for special projects such as customer funded the department field in empty in Work and Asset Management (WAM) system. The data set can be filtered down to each individual division to measure their respective preventive vs corrective work performed as classified in the Work Type columns. As each division reports preventive and corrective work differently the type is classified differently for all divisions. WRF/WTD classifies the work based on the type field, WSM classifies it based on work class category and WWM is based on failure codes. The Budget column represents the burden or overhead charges associated with that task and costs have to be posted in WAM in order for it to have any values. Labor hours are the approved time sheets that are entered in WAM.