Michigan Film And Digital Media Production - Approved Certificate Of Completion Requests FY2015

transparencyarchive.michigan.gov | Last Updated 18 Nov 2016

This table is generated off of a report for the Michigan legislature. To see the full report and footnotes, go to https://transparency.michigan.gov/Michigan-Economic-Development-Corporation/FY2015-Michigan-Strategic-Fund-Act-Annual-Report/wrfw-fizh

Tags: michigan film and digital media production incentives

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Production Companyproduction_companytext
Type of Projecttype_of_projecttext
Total Michigan Spend by Production Companytotal_michigan_spend_by_production_companynumber
Amount of Financial Assistance (Incentive Paid)amount_of_financial_assistance_incentive_paidnumber
Duration of Financial Assistanceduration_of_financial_assistancetext
Persons Employed in State as FTEpersons_employed_in_state_as_ftenumber