FY 2017 CoD Budget & Finance Story

www.dallasopendata.com | Last Updated 30 May 2017

Open Budget is part of our commitment to improving transparency by providing an in-depth view of the City’s financial information. This site provides a simpler means of exploring and analyzing the City’s Operating Budget. The charts, graphs, and tables are all highly interactive and will allow users with or without budget experience to better understand how the City allocates funds. While this site provides a way for users to interactively explore the budget, the City’s adopted budget books are available online and provide additional information related to each City service. Additionally, the Office of Financial Services prepares a monthly Financial Forecast Report that provides information on current expenses as well as year-end expense and revenue projections. http://financialtransparency.dallascityhall.com/financial/financial_docs.html http://financialtransparency.dallascityhall.com/financial_services/pdf/FinancialForecast.pdf