ACT Population Projections by District (2015 - 2041) | Last Updated 10 Sep 2018

The projections are based upon actual values obtained in 2015, and estimates obtained for 2016. A full list of all projections, including historical projections, can be found at These population projections are not intended to present predictions of the demographic future to any degree of reliability or precision. The population projections contained here are the projected population resulting from certain assumptions about future trends in fertility, mortality and migration trends. Future population trends are influenced by a variety of social, economic and political factors, with significant fluctuation in short-term population growth rates as well as in the underlying social, economic and political influencers. Numerous behavioural assumptions are required to be made for each age cohort and sex. Many of these assumptions will be swamped by the random impacts on the future movements of individuals through births, deaths, and relocation. Neither the authors nor the ACT Government give warranty in relation to these projections, and no liability is accepted by the authors or the Government or any other person who assisted in the preparation of the publication, for errors and omissions, loss or damage suffered as a result of any person acting in reliance thereon.

Tags: population, demographics, estimates

This dataset has the following 174 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
FEMALE AGE 0female_age_0number
FEMALE AGE 1female_age_1number
FEMALE AGE 2female_age_2number
FEMALE AGE 3female_age_3number
FEMALE AGE 4female_age_4number
FEMALE AGE 5female_age_5number
FEMALE AGE 6female_age_6number
FEMALE AGE 7female_age_7number
FEMALE AGE 8female_age_8number
FEMALE AGE 9female_age_9number
FEMALE AGE 10female_age_10number
FEMALE AGE 11female_age_11number
FEMALE AGE 12female_age_12number
FEMALE AGE 13female_age_13number
FEMALE AGE 14female_age_14number
FEMALE AGE 15female_age_15number
FEMALE AGE 16female_age_16number
FEMALE AGE 17female_age_17number
FEMALE AGE 18female_age_18number
FEMALE AGE 19female_age_19number
FEMALE AGE 20female_age_20number
FEMALE AGE 21female_age_21number
FEMALE AGE 22female_age_22number
FEMALE AGE 23female_age_23number
FEMALE AGE 24female_age_24number
FEMALE AGE 25female_age_25number
FEMALE AGE 26female_age_26number
FEMALE AGE 27female_age_27number
FEMALE AGE 28female_age_28number
FEMALE AGE 29female_age_29number
FEMALE AGE 30female_age_30number
FEMALE AGE 31female_age_31number
FEMALE AGE 32female_age_32number
FEMALE AGE 33female_age_33number
FEMALE AGE 34female_age_34number
FEMALE AGE 35female_age_35number
FEMALE AGE 36female_age_36number
FEMALE AGE 37female_age_37number
FEMALE AGE 38female_age_38number
FEMALE AGE 39female_age_39number
FEMALE AGE 40female_age_40number
FEMALE AGE 41female_age_41number
FEMALE AGE 42female_age_42number
FEMALE AGE 43female_age_43number
FEMALE AGE 44female_age_44number
FEMALE AGE 45female_age_45number
FEMALE AGE 46female_age_46number
FEMALE AGE 47female_age_47number
FEMALE AGE 48female_age_48number
FEMALE AGE 49female_age_49number
FEMALE AGE 50female_age_50number
FEMALE AGE 51female_age_51number
FEMALE AGE 52female_age_52number
FEMALE AGE 53female_age_53number
FEMALE AGE 54female_age_54number
FEMALE AGE 55female_age_55number
FEMALE AGE 56female_age_56number
FEMALE AGE 57female_age_57number
FEMALE AGE 58female_age_58number
FEMALE AGE 59female_age_59number
FEMALE AGE 60female_age_60number
FEMALE AGE 61female_age_61number
FEMALE AGE 62female_age_62number
FEMALE AGE 63female_age_63number
FEMALE AGE 64female_age_64number
FEMALE AGE 65female_age_65number
FEMALE AGE 66female_age_66number
FEMALE AGE 67female_age_67number
FEMALE AGE 68female_age_68number
FEMALE AGE 69female_age_69number
FEMALE AGE 70female_age_70number
FEMALE AGE 71female_age_71number
FEMALE AGE 72female_age_72number
FEMALE AGE 73female_age_73number
FEMALE AGE 74female_age_74number
FEMALE AGE 75female_age_75number
FEMALE AGE 76female_age_76number
FEMALE AGE 77female_age_77number
FEMALE AGE 78female_age_78number
FEMALE AGE 79female_age_79number
FEMALE AGE 80female_age_80number
FEMALE AGE 81female_age_81number
FEMALE AGE 82female_age_82number
FEMALE AGE 83female_age_83number
FEMALE AGE 84female_age_84number
FEMALE AGE 85+female_age_85number
MALE AGE 0male_age_0number
MALE AGE 1male_age_1number
MALE AGE 2male_age_2number
MALE AGE 3male_age_3number
MALE AGE 4male_age_4number
MALE AGE 5male_age_5number
MALE AGE 6male_age_6number
MALE AGE 7male_age_7number
MALE AGE 8male_age_8number
MALE AGE 9male_age_9number
MALE AGE 10male_age_10number
MALE AGE 11male_age_11number
MALE AGE 12male_age_12number
MALE AGE 13male_age_13number
MALE AGE 14male_age_14number
MALE AGE 15male_age_15number
MALE AGE 16male_age_16number
MALE AGE 17male_age_17number
MALE AGE 18male_age_18number
MALE AGE 19male_age_19number
MALE AGE 20male_age_20number
MALE AGE 21male_age_21number
MALE AGE 22male_age_22number
MALE AGE 23male_age_23number
MALE AGE 24male_age_24number
MALE AGE 25male_age_25number
MALE AGE 26male_age_26number
MALE AGE 27male_age_27number
MALE AGE 28male_age_28number
MALE AGE 29male_age_29number
MALE AGE 30male_age_30number
MALE AGE 31male_age_31number
MALE AGE 32male_age_32number
MALE AGE 33male_age_33number
MALE AGE 34male_age_34number
MALE AGE 35male_age_35number
MALE AGE 36male_age_36number
MALE AGE 37male_age_37number
MALE AGE 38male_age_38number
MALE AGE 39male_age_39number
MALE AGE 40male_age_40number
MALE AGE 41male_age_41number
MALE AGE 42male_age_42number
MALE AGE 43male_age_43number
MALE AGE 44male_age_44number
MALE AGE 45male_age_45number
MALE AGE 46male_age_46number
MALE AGE 47male_age_47number
MALE AGE 48male_age_48number
MALE AGE 49male_age_49number
MALE AGE 50male_age_50number
MALE AGE 51male_age_51number
MALE AGE 52male_age_52number
MALE AGE 53male_age_53number
MALE AGE 54male_age_54number
MALE AGE 55male_age_55number
MALE AGE 56male_age_56number
MALE AGE 57male_age_57number
MALE AGE 58male_age_58number
MALE AGE 59male_age_59number
MALE AGE 60male_age_60number
MALE AGE 61male_age_61number
MALE AGE 62male_age_62number
MALE AGE 63male_age_63number
MALE AGE 64male_age_64number
MALE AGE 65male_age_65number
MALE AGE 66male_age_66number
MALE AGE 67male_age_67number
MALE AGE 68male_age_68number
MALE AGE 69male_age_69number
MALE AGE 70male_age_70number
MALE AGE 71male_age_71number
MALE AGE 72male_age_72number
MALE AGE 73male_age_73number
MALE AGE 74male_age_74number
MALE AGE 75male_age_75number
MALE AGE 76male_age_76number
MALE AGE 77male_age_77number
MALE AGE 78male_age_78number
MALE AGE 79male_age_79number
MALE AGE 80male_age_80number
MALE AGE 81male_age_81number
MALE AGE 82male_age_82number
MALE AGE 83male_age_83number
MALE AGE 84male_age_84number
MALE AGE 85+male_age_85number