Richmond Police Department - Police Pursuits | Last Updated 29 May 2020

Officers engaged in police pursuits must continually balance the safety of the public and themselves against law enforcement's duty to apprehend law violators. Officers must discontinue a pursuit whenever circumstances indicate that continuation of the pursuit would be unsafe or when life or property is endangered. This dataset shows vehicle pursuit data provided to the California Highway Patrol.

This dataset has the following 36 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
OccurredDateTimeoccurreddatetimecalendar_dateIncident occurrence date and time
ViolationviolationtextViolation reason for engaging in a pursuit
ArrestarrestcheckboxWhether there was an arrest
DUIArrestduiarrestcheckboxWhether there was a DUI arrest
AccidentaccidentcheckboxWhether there was an accident
DamageTypedamagetypetextType of damage from the accident
InjuryTypeinjurytypetextType of injury from the accident
DamagePolicedamagepolicenumberTotal cost of damage to police vehicles
DamageParkedVehicledamageparkedvehiclenumberTotal cost of damage to other parked vehicles
DamagePropertydamagepropertynumberTotal cost of damage to other property
DamageSuspectVehicledamagesuspectvehiclenumberTotal cost of damage to suspect vehicles
VehicleTypevehicletypetextType of suspect vehicle
DistancedistancetextTotal distance of pursuit
MaxSpeedmaxspeednumberMaximum speed during pursuit
CopterAvailablecopteravailablecheckboxWhether there was a helicopter available to assist
AircraftAvailableaircraftavailablecheckboxWhether there was aircraft available to assist
AbortedabortedcheckboxWhether the pursuit was aborted
ConcludedByconcludedbytextConclusion of the pursuit
StopDeviceUsedstopdeviceusedcheckboxWhether a stop device was used
StopDevicestopdevicetextType of stop device used
LocationBeganlocationbegantextBeat the pursuit began in
LocationEndedlocationendedtextBeat the pursuit ended in
TotalTimeMinutestotaltimeminutesnumberTotal time of the pursuit in minutes
JustifiedjustifiedcheckboxWhether the pursuit was justified
InitiatedByAgencyinitiatedbyagencytextWhich agency initiated the pursuit
ConcludedByAgencyconcludedbyagencytextWhich agency concluded the pursuit
WorkGroupworkgrouptextWhich Richmond Police Department team/group was involved in the pursuit
AssociatedOfficerCountassociatedofficercountnumberNumber of officers involved/associated with the pursuit