The population count of Blacksburg Metro Area (VA) was 181,863 in 2017.


Population Change

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Demographics and Population Datasets Involving Blacksburg Metro Area (VA)

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    Advanced Messaging Concept Development Basic Safety Message | Last Updated 2018-11-09T20:11:48.000Z

    Contains all Basic Safety Messages (BSMs) collected during the Advanced Messaging Concept Development (AMCD) field testing program. For this project, all of the Part I BSM message fields were populated. Additional data fields were also added to the row to identify sender, time of communication, mode of communication, etc., allowing the consumer of this data set to accurately track messages through the system. All BSMs are generated by OBUs and ultimately received by the VCC Cloud server.

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    Advanced Messaging Concept Development: Probe Vehicle Data | Last Updated 2018-11-09T20:15:34.000Z

    Contains all PVDs generated during the AMCD field testing program. The probe vehicle message is used to exchange status about a vehicle with other DSRC readers to allow the collection of information about a typical vehicle’s traveling behaviors along a segment of road. The exchanges of this message as well as the event which caused the collection of various elements defined in the messages are in Annex B of the SAE J2735 standard.