The percent who did not finish the 9th grade of Kansas City Metro Area (MO-KS) was 3.00% in 2017.

Graduation Rates

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Education and Graduation Rates Datasets Involving Kansas City Metro Area (MO-KS)

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    Kansas City Crime (NIBRS) Summary | Last Updated 2017-12-04T19:05:23.000Z

    In response to law enforcement’s need for more flexible, in-depth data, the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) Program formulated the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). NIBRS presents comprehensive, detailed information about crime incidents to law enforcement, researchers, governmental planners, students of crime, and the general public. A NIBRS fact sheet, written by the FBI can be found at This data set contains Group A Offenses for the entire City. Please visit to learn more about NIBRS. The "Data Collection Guidelines" outlines how this data is structured and provides the exact definitions and methodology behind this data set.

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    Energy, Air & Climate Impacts of City-Owned Buildings in Kansas City, MO (2015) | Last Updated 2019-04-19T19:13:27.000Z

    This dataset provides information on large city-owned buildings, including 2015 environmental impacts (energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions) and energy costs, and property characteristics (square feet, year built, property use type). The data was collected and published per the Energy Empowerment Ordinance. Energy data is reported in thousand British Thermal Units (kBTU), normalizing all fuel types into a common energy unit. Read more at An annual report with data analysis will be published each December beginning in 2016.

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